Leading Edge Mobile Virtual Reality Development

Interactive Engine Platforms We Use  

Native Engines 

We Are a Full Service Virtual Reality Studio

Software Development

  • Application Architecture

  • End-to-End Development

  • Graphics/Rendering

  • Networking

  • Performance Optimization

  • React360

  • WebVR

  • Localization

Digital Art Production

  • Concept Design

  • User Interfaces

  • Modeling

  • Rigging 

  • Animation 

  • Motion Capture

  • Surfacing 

  • Shaders

  • Effects


360 Degree Video

  • Production 

  • Scouting

  • Direction

  • Filming

  • Stitching

  • Editing

  • Post-Production

  • Audio and Music  

Mobile VR Development Projects


Facebook Datacenter Virtual Training

Pilot program for VR training for Facebook Datacenter operators, focusing on the Main Switch Board (MSB). 


VR Helicopter Marshalling Training

ForwardXP worked closely with Qualcomm Technologies to produce this ground breaking enterprise training app for the Snapdragon 845 mobile VR headset.  This reference project was the first ever mobile VR training app to make use of real-time eye tracking.


ThinkFAST: VR Medical Training

In ThinkFAST, you are transported to a virtual medical training center where you are taught to recognize and properly diagnose a stroke patient in VR. According to the World Health Organization, strokes are the number two killer worldwide, and the timely recognition, diagnosis and treatment of a stroke is vital.  


Oculus Quest Retail Demo App

The official demonstration app showing off the new experiences possible with the Oculus Quest. 


Oculus Go Retail Demo App

This official demonstration app shows the breadth of delightful content available on the Oculus Go to potential customers at retail locations around the world.  


NCAA March Madness VR Live

Get the ultimate court-side seat in this NCAA March Madness VR experience. Watch games from 7 different cameras and create your own custom locker room, following your favorite teams through the tournament. 


Oculus Go Companion App for Mobile

ForwardXP worked with the Oculus internal technology and user experience team to help design the flow and user interfaces for the mobile Oculus companion app.


VR Invite - Snapdragon Tech Summit

In this ground-breaking experience, users are taken on a virtual tour of the most beautiful sites in Maui and the conference venue.